"What is balance of body and mind? It is the conscious control of all muscular
movements of the body.
- Joseph H. Pilates
Kitty  De la Rosa – Certified Instructor
Every Breath You Take Pilates
Sawgrass Business Center
1241 SE Indian Street, Unit 103
Stuart, Florida 34997

Every Breath You Take Pilates
Ming demonstrating the Spine Corrector
Sabi demonstrating the cat stretch
Ming & Sabi resting after a session
Peak and Balanced Body Studio
Reformers/Towers and Balanced Body
Allegro Reformers/Towers are used in
group sessions.
Challenges balance while
Small groups of 6-7
personalized attention
Best equipped studio on the
Treasure Coast ...find out for
yourself why it is preferred by
so many
March 2010
Mikey meets a bobcat while
patroling the back patio
Isabella, pretty in pink
No, the cats are not at the studio.
Jackie...should have named him
Dennis the Menace