Every Breath You Take Pilates

Kitty  De la Rosa – Certified Instructor
Every Breath You Take Pilates
Sawgrass Business Center
1241 SE Indian Street, Unit 103
Stuart, Florida 34997

“Contrology [Pilates], is not a fatiguing
system of dull, boring, abhorred
exercises repeated daily
‘ad-nauseam.’…Joseph H Pilates

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7:00 Level 2 Level 2  
8:00 Level 2 Level 2  
9:00Level  1-2 Level 2 Level 1-2Level 2  
10:00 Athletic Pilates Athletic PilatesLevel 2* 
11:00Level 1 Level 1   



5:30 Level 2 Level 2   

Joe Pilates was, among other things, a BOXER.   Pilates is for everyone.

*Minimum of 3 people is required to hold a GROUP class.  Seasonal Class
Small group classes of 6-7.

Bored with the GYM?   Knees can’t take the jumping in the AEROBICS Class?
Pilates is a perfect fit for almost anyone who wants to stay healthy and active
WITHOUT the abuse to the BODY.
Non-impact and gentle on the joints, but challenging for everyone.
Spend your money wisely and invest in your own wellness with this preventative maintenance program.

Level 1
Beginner, learn Principles of Pilates along with the basic exercises/proper techniques with the additional

assistance from the instructor. Some mat work is incorporated into this class, but you do NOT have to get on
the floor.  Safe for most ages to stretch and strengthen gently wo/impact

Level 2
Beginner/Intermediate Reformer/tower class, while practicing the principles of Pilates begin to progress into

the Intermediate, more challenging exercises.  Some matwork is incorporated into this class,
but you do NOT have to get on the floor.

Level 3
Work on  Pilates specialized equipment:  reformer, trapeze table/tower, chair, barrel and  barre. Learn
exercises appropriate for your skill level…beginner through advanced.   All exercises focus on spinal stabilization, body
alignment, and core strengthening.  A mix of classical and contemporary exercises with progressions beginner through
advanced.  No endless/boring repetitions, no impact to the joints, heart friendly, improves circulation and balance but…
Be prepared to leave your ego at the door.
“feel the difference in 10 sessions”…Josheph H Pilates

You cannot join a group Pilates class until you have completed a minimum of 3 private
sessions, OR have previous pilates experience AND have met with the instructor.

Fast Results!  Sculpt, Tone, Better Posture within 10 classes
If you suffer from back, neck, knee, or shoulder pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or osteoporosis,
this non-impact method of exercise may help you, and is recommended by many doctors…ask yours.
The body was meant to move…

Movement heals the body

The Pilates exercise technique, when performed regularly, positively changes bodies.  It combines awareness of the
spine, proper breathing and strength and flexibility training.  What also makes the Pilates exercise technique unique
amongst similar forms of exercise is that it slims down muscles making them more compact by developing slenderness
rather than bulk (as in lifting weights).  The outcome is a balanced body which is strong and supple with a flat stomach,
balanced legs, and a strong back.

Small classes forming now!   Morning and Afternoon classes to fit your busy schedule.
Call to schedule your required private classes.  Limited space per class.

Sign up is “first come” basis.    NO REFUNDS
Packages are pre-paid at first of month, expire in 30 days, no exceptions
Make up classes during 30-day period, no carry over into next month.

2021-22  Schedule of Fees
All Classes 50 Minutes
Purchase a Package and SAVE

Private Class           $80 single class or Discounted PKG
Duet Class                $90 single class or 
Discounted PKG
Trio Class                $125 single class or 
Discounted PKG

Group  Walk In $30 PAY AS YOU GO

*$25 per class (2+ classes)  if paying for the entire month in advance…
cancellation policy applies to all classes
*must be used within 30 days of purchase….no exceptions.

*a Minimum of 3 clients per group class or class may be cancelled

**Before advancing in or joining any group class, you must have instructor clearance and
you must be free of  injuries and restrictions

Cancellation Policy
Please note that all classes have class size limits which vary depending on the class. Although ‘dropping in’ is an option,
it is on a space available basis, which means you are not guaranteed a spot.
If you pre-pay for a spot, that spot is yours and cannot be given away unless you cancel.
Therefore, there is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.
If you ‘no show’ you will be charged for the class, if you cancel with less then 24 hour notice
you will be charged for the class unless we can fill that spot.
All sessions require 24 hours advance notice of cancellation.  Failure to give appropriate notice will result
in charges for the full amount of your session.  All sales are final, No refunds.

*If you cannot commit to a dedicated day and time due to travel/work etc, consider a “pay-as-you-go” plan, space
permitting, at higher price

Studio Etiquette
Men and Women should wear tight fitting shorts, crops, or leggings without zippers
Arrive on time – Turn off cell phone –  Please wait outside until the previous class has ended –
Remove shoes at ENTRANCE – Have fun but be respectful of others who may need quiet to focus – no gum – Avoid
perfume as it intensifies during exercise – After class replace all springs on reformers and clean your equipment with
anti-bacterial solution –  

Kitty De la Rosa, Certified Pilates Instructor and Owner
                       Pilates Method Alliance National Pilates Certification, Certified Aerial Yoga

 Nancy De la Rosa, Owner, Peak Pilates Certified Equipment Level 3 Instructor,
Certified Aerial Yoga and Spin Bike  Instructor

Always check with your physician before beginning any new exercise program

Kitty  De la Rosa – Certified Instructor
Every Breath You Take Pilates
Sawgrass Business Center
1241 SE Indian Street, Unit 103
Stuart, Florida 34997

email: katstretches@gmail.com

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